Archives Launches Bold Redesign of Its Successful Website, Where Uninsured Can Learn About Government-Paid Health Coverage Eligibility With Just One Click

February 27, 2012

Having Helped Over 300,000 People With Its Eligibility Quiz, the Non-Profit Worries That Many Families Are Still Unaware of Their Coverage Options

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Health 411: Insurance for a Cancer Survivor

February 27, 2012

I need help finding affordable health insurance. I got insurance through California’s Major Risk Medical Insurance Program in 1991 after having breast cancer. My premiums are now a whopping $1,209 each month! I have not had any cancer issues since the original bout, but I have been reluctant to change policies (assuming that I could find one). Can you help me find something more affordable?

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Whitney Houston’s Death Underscores Complexities of Health Insurance for Rehab

February 23, 2012

Houston’s tragic and rocky relationship with drugs — prescription and otherwise — provides a fresh focus on drug and alcohol rehab and its costs. Houston, who reportedly underwent treatment for substance abuse three times, could afford her stints in rehab. But for thousands of other Americans, treatment for drug or alcohol abuse comes at a high price, even with health insurance.

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Health Care Reform: The Unintended Impact on Children

February 23, 2012

When health care reform was passed in 2010, many applauded the provision that children could no longer be denied health insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions, but there’s decidedly less clapping now.

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Health Notes: ‘Point-of-Care’ Medicaid Enrollment Would Be Huge Savings

February 16, 2012

A point-of-care approach to Medicaid’s administration program could help save $56 Billion.

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Medical Care for Children

February 15, 2012

Q: Dear Tom and Alan: I read that 1 of every 6 children in the United States has no health insurance. How can that be? — Concerned

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Is Self-Pay Patient Eligible? Find Out in Real time, or Close to It

February 7, 2012

“Anything that facilitates early benefit determination will help improve cash and decrease cost,” says Gerilynn Sevenikar, vice president of patient financial services for Sharp Healthcare in San Diego. “Both are positive outcomes in man­aging the revenue cycle.”

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Article 0212 HAM Self-payPatientEligible Clasifica Los Programas de Seguro Médico de Niños del Gobierno (CHIP) desde el mas Generoso al menos Generoso

February 6, 2012

San Jose, CA-– Donde usted vive en los Estados Unidos hace una gran diferencia en el nivel de asistencia que sus hijos pueden recibir de programas patrocinados por el estado, de acuerdo a La Fundación para la…

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