Bureaucracy cuts could mean big savings for Medi-Cal

June 21, 2012

However the U.S. Supreme Court rules this month to decide the future of health care reform, Medicaid (Medi-Cal in California) will continue to necessarily grow at a steady pace regardless of state and federal efforts to control its costs. To be sure, many efforts have been made by politicians in California to hold down rising costs in this program which provides a safety net for those who can’t afford insurance. A study conducted by the California Health Care Foundation included a ranking of how states typically make cuts. The number one way is by reducing or freezing provider payments. The second is controlling drug costs and the third is through disease management. Nowhere listed in the top 10 strategies is the effort to pare down the costs of the administrative overhead that has grown substantially alongside these services.

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COBRA health insurance: Beware its bite!

June 5, 2012

COBRA can have quite a financial bite. Do you have to feel its sting? Or are there alternatives when you lose work-based health insurance? Those can be tricky questions.

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